FONTAINE FESTIVAL 2011 „Back in hell” August 12-14, Liepāja, Latvia [English release]

FONTAINE FESTIVAL 2011 – „Back in hell”

            This year’s FONTAINE FESTIVAL will take place on 12th to 14th of August, adding a day to it’s usual running time.

            FONTAINE FESTIVAL is now 6 years old and still going strong. The event is as always focused on introducing a wide range of foreign bands from around the globe and has so far succeded in doing so.
            The festival takes place in the city center of Liepaja Latvia, with both - club stages and outside stages.
            Through the years, FONTAINE FESTIVAL has hosted big names, such as Bloodhoung Gang (USA), Ten Years After (UK), Jimmy Cliff (Jam), Lance Lopez (USA), Panteon Rococco (Mex), Jesus Volt (France), Sham 69 (UK), Skyforger (Lv), Torture Squard (Brazil) and many more.
            This year’s event, named „Back in hell” will have 6 stages. The main outside stage is „Gypsy Camp” with a  capacity of 3500 people, 2 stages at the club „Fontaine Palace” plus „Fire Bar” and „Prison Bar” stages.
            A new stage this year is the „Akropolis stage”, which will be hosted by a Barselona based jam school with 20 participants from Spain, who  will film and record the FONTAINE FESTIVAL session for later release.
            As well, FONTAINE FESTIVAL will add an extra day – Sunday, the 14th of  August. The program on this day will be announced only at the festival.
            FONTAINE FESTIVAL 2011 is as always aiming to have the best and most music for affordable tickets price and the festival focuses on having top live bands only, preforming at the Festival. Meaning bands which know how to rock, instead of focusing on one hit wonders.
Tickets sales start 60 days before the festival.