BALTIC BIZARRE FEST 2011 january 28, 29 - press release in English!


January 28 and 29, 2011
Nabaklab (Z. A. Meierovica Boulevard 12)

Already for the fifth year one of the biggest Latvian metal music portal metalmusic.lv is celebrating its birthday offering various artists from Latvia and abroad in Baltic Bizarre Fest. In previous years festival guests were: Shining (Sweden), Nargaroth (Germany), Hollenthon (Austria), Bestiar (Poland), Obtest (Lithuania), Argharus (Lithuania), Ossastorium (Lithuania), Bestia (Estonia), Horricane (Estonia), Human Ground (Estonia) and various local bands.

This year, with assistance from subculture partisans P3LICAN,the festival is becoming bigger and continues for two days, offering various bands, each of them offering something different, but all together creating bouquet in which everyone will find something interesting.

There comes the cake:

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ceremonial Perfection (est) melodic death metal
Arcane Grail (rus) symphonic black metal
Trelleborg (rus) epic folk / pagan metal
Unholy Fables (est) progressive death / black metal
Diseim (lv) oldschool death metal
DJ Deathperado

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fen (uk) atmospheric black metal / post rock
Frailty (lv) doom / death metal
Pergale (lt) experimental / black metal
9horizon (lv) sludge metal
DJs Kraa / Zebra / Ruta
VJ Plan

Fen, atmospheric black metal / post-rock, United Kingdom
Fen was born in year 2006. and named after a region in England called The Fens or Fenlands. The Fens have very flat and mysterious landscapes, with many marshes and wetlands. The band members grew up in this area, and find much of the inspiration for their music and themes from the atmosphere of this area. Already at the beginning music was created by fussing the cold rage of black metal with more reflective influences from the post-rock/shoegaze genres. An expression of loss and melancholic yearning, the primary goal with Fen is to draw the listener into a windswept and desolate landscape, bereft of hope. In year 2006 band released EP „Ancient Sorrow” which was reissued in vinyl by Northern Silence Productions in year 2007 and got high acclaim within the underground. At this time playing with such acts as Agalloch, Negula Bunget and Skyforger, intense and emotionally fulfilled performances caught the attention of Code666 Records and in year 2009 the band released their debut album „The Malediction Fields” which swiftly gained very positive reviews. In year 2010 the band tours with Negula Bunget and records for second study album „Epoch” which will be even darker and more reflective.

Ceremonial Perfection, melodic death metal, Estonia
Ceremonial Perfection is an emergent five-piece from Tallinn, Estonia, formed in late 2007. The band's ascent is impressive, especially considering the members' average age of below 20. In a mere three years they have played extensively in Estonia, while also managing a scattering of performances abroad, including a successful two-and-a-half-week tour of Russia, sharing stages with Finland's massively renowned Norther. The melodic foundation of the band's music is suffused in heavy riffs and atmospheric keys, thus making the concordant essence of their songs embraceable both by headbangers as well as those wholly unfamiliar with metal.  Work on the band's debut full-length "Alone in the End" began in the spring of 2010. "Alone in the End" will be released on January 11, 2011 by Nailboard Records in Estonia and Fono Ltd. in Russia/CIS.

Unholy Fables, progressive death / black metal, Estonia
Unholy Fables was founded somewhere in the beginning of millennium, but really band started to play only on 2006. Since that time Unholy Fables performed plenty of gigs and recorded some promos. At the moment the band has rerecorded material for their first album and is considered as one of best metal bands in Estonia.

Arcane Grail, symphonic black metal, Russia
Arcane Grail is organized in December of 2001 year. After several reshuffles in line-up of the band, now there is a stable concert structure of six musicians. The group plays basically with domestic bands, but there were also joint performances with legendary Austrian death-metal group Pungent Stench and Italian Graveworm. In year 2006 the debut album „Mysteries Of Ancient Charnel” was released and in year 2009. the second - „Arya Marga – Ninefold Path to the Innocence”. Both are strictly conceptual both musically and in plot – symphonic  black metal with elements of doom and Swedish melodic death with male and female vocals.

Trelleborg, epic / viking / battle metal, Russia
With no date of birth Trelleborg in year 2006 the band was complete enough to record demo and in year 2010 full debut album „Lands Of Njord” was released, which gained good reviews in its homeland and also abroad. Style is epic-metal with accordion and symphonic arrangements.

Pergalē, experimental / black metal, Lithuania
Pergalē is a project formed by colleagues, members of such bands like Obtest, Argharus, Žalvarinis and Andaja. Musical themes can be related from harsh black metal to even swinging jazz. The main engine that keeps Pergalē going is infinite love! Love for various things like women, men, children, alcohol, drugs, god – all in all for all living and dead things. The band members are united by this feeling, thus make this sophisticated but harsh, melancholic but also very dynamic music. Pergalē describe their music as victorious psycho black rock.

Diseim, old school death metal / sludge, Latvia
Diseim is a sludge/old-school death metal band from Latvia. It was formed in 2007 by the drummer Imants Vovers and the guitarist Dmitrijs Bulavskis. In 2008 the vocalist and the songwriter Sergey Stavro joined the band. Starting from that moment the high-speed drum beats and grinding guitar riffs are accompanied by poignant growling. In 2009 the bass-guitarist Alex Makarovs joins the band. In 2009 the band frequently performs live and records the first demo „Sinner” in the “Sound Park” studio. Soon the bands full length demo will be released under USA independent label Abyss Records.

Frailty, doom / death, Latvia
Frailty is a modern doom metal band, from Riga, Latvia, creating and performing dark and disturbing sounds of melancholy and tragedy. The band has released successful debut album “Lost Lifeless Lights” in 2008 under well known Solitude Productions label, which got well response all around the world. Nameless self released EP followed in 2009 – and band got two highest awards on first ever annual Latvian Metal Music Award 2009 – “Best Latvian Metal Band 2009” & “Best Latvian Metal Album 2009”. Currently, Frailty is working on material for their second album, expected to be released somewhere in 2011. The bands latest release “Silence Is Everything...” is a Promo EP 2010, that shows the way the band is going and what to expect from upcoming album.

9Horizon, sludge metal, Latvia
9Horizon are 5-piece band from Latvia, Riga. The band was formed in November 2006 by couple of good friends. Every band member have a musical experience in previous bands and musical projects like Tesa, In.Stora, Lassie The Cat and others. In 2008 9Horizon released debut CD „Endstartend” which presents poignant sounds of sludge metal.

Start: January 28 19:00, January 29 20:00.

Entrance: in each day - 4 Ls. At the first day there will be available special 2day tickets for 6 Ls.

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