Kad viss ir nekas un nekas ir viss v2 – intervija ar 0 X í S T. Papildināts 15.1.15.

Evita Hofmane, P3LICAN

Sestdien, 6. decembrī, Vecrīgas klubā “Depo” ( Vaļņu ielā 32) uzstāsies somu dark metal grupa  “0 X í S T”.

Grupa “0 X í ST” dibināta 2008. gadā un tās dalībnieku mērķis bija un ir radīt lēnu, smagu un tumšu mūziku, kas visā pilnībā atspoguļotu jēdziena dark metal jēgu.
2009. gada septembrī tika pabeigts pirmais ieraksts “Unveiling the Shadow World”, ko nākamajā gadā CD EP formātā izdeva franču ekstrēmā doom metāla ierakstu kompānija Ostra Records”.  2010. gada rudenī iznāca divu dziesmu demo albums un “0 X í S T” bija gatavi debijas albuma radīšanai. “Nil” šo pasauli ieraudzīja 12.12.2012 ierakstu kompāniju Ostra Records” un Cold Void Emanations” paspārnē. Saturiski tās ir sešas doomīgas un tumšas dziesmas.  2014. gada vasarā tapa grupas otrais albums, kura izdošana vēl gaidāma.

 “0 X í S T” ir spēlējuši daudzviet Eiropā, tostarp arī Igaunijā un Lietuvā, un nerimtīgi ir jaunu muzikālo iekarojumu meklējumos. Šī būs viņu pirmā viesošanās reize Latvijā. Dienu pirms koncerta Rīgā, 0 X í S T” uzstāsies Lietuvā, Kauņā,  klubā ”Underground”.

Interviju nolēmām netulkot tamdēļ, lai, jaušas vai nejaušas intereses vadīts, to varētu izlasīt arī kāds cits, kurš latviešu valodu neprot.  

Virtuālajā sarunā grupas līderis Jani Koskela vēsta par mūzikas nozīmību viņa dzīvē, somu zemes un, it īpaši Rihimaki apkārtnes, radošo augsni tumšas un lieliskas mūzikas tapšanai; kavējas atmiņās par nospēlētajiem koncertiem, ļauj ar pusaci ielūkoties jaunajā albumā un eventuāli sagatavo  “0 X í S T” pirmajai vizītei, šeit, Latvijā.    

Intervija publicēta arī vietnē No Clean Singing: http://www.nocleansinging.com/2015/01/14/an-ncs-interview-jani-koskela-0xist/

Music for you – is it a method of self expression or is it a way how to achieve definite aims in your life?
It is one of the largest parts of life. It is a job for an alchemist. It’s about going to the eternal source of all that is nothing and about turning the nonexistent into its full potential – to its highest form.

It seems you just can’t escape rock/metal music in Finland. Is it good or maybe sometimes bad – from the point of view of musician and listener?

The good thing is that every now and then something extremely interesting pops out – be it a new release, or a show with bands that you want to see. The other side of the coin is that there is so much happening. People can easily ignore interesting things and not to react once they are there.

To become a musician in Finland where almost everybody plays some musical instrument and has three bands at least – it’s a challenge or it is something you Finns are predisposed at birth?
The only thing that you should challenge is yourself – to make music that you need to do, by using the best potential out of yourself. Once that has been accomplished, nothing else really matters.

If you had to rank the best bands of all time which originated from Riihimäki area, which could it be?  
Considering the small size of our hometown Riihimäki, it has been blessed with many great musical projects. To mention only few of them is always great ignorance, so here we go: Yearning, Embassy of Silence, Absent Silence, Autumn Verses/Dead Beginners, Skepticism, Endstand, Deepsix, Death Hawks, Syven, Thromdarr and so on.

Please some words about your other projects. Maybe your band members have other bands as well? If so, you have a good opportunity to spread the word about them!
I am a member in Saattue (doomy metal with Finnish lyrics) & Cynabare Urne (death metal). Mikael was the drummer for Saattue and is now also in Mr. Black & 5000 Cadillacs (50’ies rock’n’roll). Juhani is member of Apocryphal Voice (dark avantgarde metal). Apocryphal Voice is about to release their new album on CD, Saattue has a new album in the works and Cynabare Urne is recording its first 7” vinyl release.

What is the toughest part if you want to be a musician in Finland?
If you want to be a musician anywhere, the toughest and the most essential part is to be able to impress yourself when you create something new.

Your first full-length was released in 2012. How was it met by critics and listeners?
We are still extremely happy with “Nil” and all the critics were good as well. It has gained some listeners, but I think that there are great many out there who haven’t discovered the record yet.

Can you mention review or opinion about your music that impressed you most and get stuck in your mind?
Once your music awakes something deeper in its listener it is extremely flattering, since that is also where the ultimate source of it is. Unfortunately these days, instead of reading impressive reviews, you rather have to seek if the release gets reviewed at all.

As a writer, which song best sums up 0 X í S T?
In a way it has to be each song that comes into creation and chooses to be completed. If I should pick up one song from each release, then it’s often the most dynamic one: “Unveil the Shadow World” from the first CD EP, “Shrivel” from the first album or “No Life to Bother” from the forthcoming album.

How’s the new album sounding? What subjects did you find yourself writing about?
It has its own characteristics and it sounds like a pure 0 X í S T release should sound like. It is definitely heavy and dark recording and it has elements on it that the previous releases didn’t have. Lyrically it is about observing the darker shades of life.

Do you have any favorite memories from the sessions?
Now that the process of making the record has taken around three years, the closing moment of completing it for good is probably going to be my favorite moment of the project. It has been an inspiring journey and it has taken us forward. That is always the best reward that comes with every new release.

Are you working on any new music right now?
At this moment we are completing the final elements for the new album – that is to finish the graphic lay-out and to make everything ready for the print house. We are also rehearsing in order to be able to play new & old songs live. It always takes some time to get back there after a long recording & mixing process.

What do you feel the state of metal music is nowadays?
I think that there are great new bands out there, like there always was. Discovering them might take some extra effort, but then again when you know what you are looking for, you will also find it. Now that the professional record & music industry is slowly vanishing, I think that a lot of do-it-yourself spirit will be present in the future. Bands will do a lot of things by themselves. Metal is on its way back to the underground and that’s where its true essence has always been “hiding”.

0 X í S T have played in different countries. Tell us about most impressive gig – where it took place, time when it happened and the audience. Where is the best audience for you?
There have been several shows that stand out. My favorite ones have been in Lithuania, Belgium, Germany and Finland. If the show creates reactions in the audience, then it has done its purpose. It’s hard to say what would have been the most impressive moment; each gig has its own flavor.

Best and worst memories about touring?
One of the worst parts is to deal with bookers, who for some reason – in a tragic moment – suddenly stop providing you with information. Luckily it does not happen too often and the world of today is informative enough to find your way to go around such blocks by studying indirect information. The best part is to meet new people and to perform in an environment that gives some extra spice to the performance.

What’s next for your band? What does 2015 hold?
New album and hopefully shows and tours in places where we haven’t been to, or wish to go back.

You’ve played in Estonia and Lithuania. How come that you always skipped Latvia?
In the past we just simply didn’t get Latvian shows for the dates that we had requested for. It was one of our goals to play in Latvia on our forthcoming trek in December 2014 and that is now happening.

So what can we expect from you in Depo?
You can expect us to deliver something that is very heavy & dark. We will be playing material from all 0xíst releases and will also present couple of tunes from the forthcoming album.

Do you know that Riga is European capital of culture this year?
No, I didn’t know that. Culture is there where it is being created and where people take the effort to participate.

Wrapping up – what is the main conclusion you have learned during these years about life and music being two inseparable things?
Well, there is no music unless you are alive. Then again life shouldn’t be just about music. Life should be about exploring and music is one of the worlds that is perfect for that purpose.

Ole hyvä.

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