Sun Of Nothing (Grieķija) Latvijā!

Sun Of Nothing (Grieķija)
(Doom/Sludge/Noise/Black Metal)

10.06 Rīga - tba
11.06 Jelgava - MC Balerija

Beyond black metal bleakness, post-metal ingenuity and post-punk numbness, incorporating Koreisch's cross-genre eclecticism and Godflesh's nihilistic aura, combining Shinning's catatonic chord pounding, Khanate's crawling gloom and Discordance Axis' ear crushing sonic blasts - Sun Of Nothing manage to create a sonic identity that's both personal and radical. Surpassing any easy categorization, they create their unquestionably greatest and richest release to date, adding the peak to an imaginary triptych - a memorial dedicated to the sonic violence and the inner darkness.

Debuting with the full-length "...And Voices, Words, Faces, Complete the Dream" in 2003 (following a rehearsal tape in 2002) they started to get some serious support slots but some very successful headline gigs around Greece as well. Album and live reviews were more than enthusiastic and their fan base was growing rapidly.

After a small pause they came back in 2007 with their second full-length "...In the Weak and the Wounded", gaining even more positive feedback from both press and fans. Having already shared the stage with bands such as Om, Paradise Lost, Electric Wizard, SunnO))), Septic Flesh, Burst, Black Cobra, Tombs and Buried Inside, and following their previous two masterpieces, Sun Of Nothing are releasing their third full-length album in late 2010, entitled "The Guilt Of Feeling Alive" in both CD and vinyl for the first time, out from Catch The Soap Productions.


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