“Each lowest point can be retrospectively a higher point” – interview with AIN

By Evita Hofmane, P3LICAN

Interview with French mysterious post black metal band Ain, who’ll perform in Riga at October 25 at club “Melnā Piektdiena”. Philosophic insight in what to think about ups and downs and path of music.

What do you think – is somebody really reading those interviews with the bands before they go to the show?
Sometimes, a previous knowledge of the band is better in order to have a fairer state of mind for a show. Basically, men are more interest about critics after the shows than interview.

First of all, we have to make a short introduction with all those who haven’t heard about your band. So, for the beginners – what is AIN?
It shall be a humble invitation for a trip to both the esoteric frontiers of science and religion. As every traveller, you can decide to let yourself be guided through this journey or get lost. As a pilgrim, you can choose to believe, and travel through the Ain’s message or not. Only the truth will be revealed!

As one wise man once said – the lowest and the highest points are most important ones. Anything else is just in between. So, which were the highest and the lowest points for your band so far?
The same wise man wrote “Before I sink. Into the big sleep. I want to hear. I want to hear. The scream of the butterfly”.
Each lowest point can be retrospectively a higher point. If you consider a moment or a point as “high”, you open a path to disappointment. Ain has not experienced the high point or low point and never will.  We feel comfortable in this neutral spatiotemporally twisted element. The most important to the top is the climb and to the soil is the fall. As above and so below...
Night of the universe is simply the logical result of people involved in their beliefs. No matter how successful the tour shall be, the point is to do this tour!

Onto your musical achievements. We want to hear everything you can tell us!
Ain flies over the dark edge of black metal and the shaded sea of post metal. Technically speaking: Ain is about distortion of the guitars and bass, a deafening sounds of drum and ritualistic vocals. But beyond these references, Ain is a music experience for someone who has an open mind to different spiritual lands.

What do you feel the state of metal music is nowadays? (And in your home country?)
Music is linked to Mankind. So music follows the cycle of era. As at today Mankind is far away from the golden age. Some interesting sounds / music emerges from the consensual current state. These artists should be considered with a lot of respect in this period of reboots, cover, and remake. 
Metal, despite some influence in the new releases, continue to seek for new paths. Old territories, formerly pioneers, are not the most interesting nowadays (in terms of metal). France is not the cradle of metal, but metal has been rocking for several years. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

Do you know that Riga is European capital of culture this year? What do you know about Latvia? Have you been here before? 
We have heard about it. Except our manager, members of the band have never visited Latvia. So, our knowledge about your country is only based on what we have read in books, internet and newspapers. We are looking forward to visiting your country.

How would you describe your bands show to someone who hasn’t seen you? Why we should be there?
Ain is not only Music. It is a ceremony for those seeking the nexus uniting universe, Mankind and Divine. Telling more than this is not possible.

AIN is not only music. AIN is a ceremony for those seeking the nexus uniting universe, mankind and the Divine.
What's next for your band? What does 2015 hold?
Path of knowledge has been draw during 2014. This path can become a road or become a cross road for multiples trail. Ain is not guided by any kind of project only by…. 

Wrapping up – what is the main conclusion you have learned during these years about life and music being two inseparable things?
End does not mean end. Only a change of being.