“Forgotten Path Magazine #3” is released!

“Forgotten Path Magazine #3” is released!

After almost two years of silence, the new issue of “Forgotten Path Magazine” has been unleashed. This time it offers 120 b/w professionally printed and designed pages of the blackest art from all corners of the world. The magazine includes different reports from Metal events/festivals, as well as more than 200 critical reviews on various albums/demos, and of course – interviews with the following acts/parties:

SHINING [Swe], LOITS [Est], BESTIAL RAIDS [Pol], “Antichrist/Dead Center Prods.” [Ukr], ENSLAVED [Nor], LUCTUS [Ltu], KEEP OF KALESSIN [Nor], GRAVELAND [Pol], CODE [Gbr/Nor], “Supremacy Through Intolerance” [Ger], EMPTY [Esp], STRIX [Ita], ANIMUS MORTIS [Chi], TELOCH [Fin], LEBENSESSENZ [Bra].

The magazine can be ordered through email forgotten.path.mag@gmail.com. The price for one copy – 6 Euros + shipping.

We offer absolutely flexible prices for the wholesalers. Ask through email.

Our website www.forgotten-path.lt  will be updated with the newest info in upcoming days. As for now, get in contact through email: forgotten.path.mag@gmail.